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About Paul

Since the wide-eyed age of 5 years old I was my fathers ‘assistant’ on the ‘aerials’ (without pay I hasten to add!). Many working school holidays followed and the increase in wages to 25p a job followed on until I reached the dizzy heights of YTS for 2 years following leaving school. I continued to work for my father’s company until his untimely death in 2001, at which point I took the big step into self-employment, where I still find myself many summers 🙂 and winters 🙁 later!

Throughout the time spent learning and perfecting my trade I have had a very high self-imposed standard of work (possibly the Virgo in me) and I strive with that vision still to this day.

A Little About

Paul Davis Senior

This photo shows my dad, Paul Davis Snr, in 1974, on the day he started the family business.

Following an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering at TDE my father went to sea, working for Mobil. Upon his return (upon my mams insistence, as I the 3rd child and only boy was born !) He completed a course and qualification in repairing television sets, working for D.E.R, this leading him into the self employed occupation of TV aerial rigger

This man shaped me, made me the man I am today and instilled in me the work ethic and skills I carry with me to this day.

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